Truck Wraps & Vehicle Wrapping In Pittsburgh, Butler and Western Pennsylvania

Starr Graphics & Signs has over 20 years of experience providing vehicle wrapping services for automobiles around Pittsburgh PA. We design, print, and install custom car decals and truck wraps for every vehicle size, make, and model.

We wrap cars, install customized 3M car wraps on individual vehicle doors, and install full body decals for trucks. Whether you are a business looking for new brand promotion opportunities, an organization wanting to make your fleet more identifiable, a shipping company seeking customized truck stickers, or anyone looking to add personality to your car or truck – our custom wraps for vehicles services can do it all.

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About Our Posters

  • Highest Quality Graphic and Wrap Media from 3M & Avery Dennison
  • Vivid 3M MCS Certified Latex Inks
  • Custom Designed and Printed Wraps for Vehicles
  • Available on Any Make and Model Vehicle
  • Professional Installation by 3M Certified and Preferred Installers

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Vehicle Wrap Sizes

  • Basic (side & back door label)
  • Basic+ (side & back door + panel)
  • 1/4 Wrap
  • Half Wrap
  • 3/4 Wrap
  • Full Wrap

Canvas Material

  • Surface type & weight
  • Another surface type


  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

File Submission

  • Acceptable files include:.pdf, .eps, .tif, .jpg

Vehicle Parts We Wrap

We offer only the best car wraps and truck stickers available. We can install our high-quality 3m vinyl car wrap and Avery Dennison decals for trucks on a wide range of locations on your vehicle. Listed below are some of the most common graphic types we can design, print, and install with our custom wraps for vehicles services. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Full Body Wrap

Transform your vehicle's entire appearance with full-body auto wrapping. This option includes placing auto wraps on every part of your vehicle capable of having vehicles stickers applied. Full body vinyl stickers are an excellent alternative to costly automotive painting. Custom printed full body wraps for vehicles offer endless creative potential allowing you to not only change your vehicle color; they allow you to place any creative elements you wish anywhere on your car or truck. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

A bonnet wrap is an affordable yet stylish option for adding some dark color contrast and protection to the hood of your car or truck. Bonnet wraps are most often carbon fiber or black in color. They help protect your vehicle's value by adding an extra layer of vinyl protection between your paintwork and potentially damaging physical outdoor hazards such as hail, stones, or any other highway debri. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Roof wraps are a very popular car sticker option that look great even on the most premium vehicle brands. Add color contrast, branding, and additional vehicle protection with our custom roof wrap services. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

A boot wrap is applied to the back of your vehicle on the trunk door or tailgate. Boot wraps are often complementary additions to other vehicle wrapping locations. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Chrome delete is a low-cost minor alteration that creates a subtle yet noticeable change to your vehicle's appearance. Use them to replace the exterior trim of your vehicle with whatever color you like using our chrome delete wrapping services.

This option is often called "Chrome Delete" due to chrome being the most common native trim used by many vehicle manufacturers. With these wraps you are able to visually delete the native chrome surface your vehicle came with and replace it with your choice of colors or graphics. Black is a very popular choice for chrome delete wraps due to the aggressive stealthy appearance it creates on cars and trucks. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Vehicle door wraps are often used as part of a full-body wrapping job or installed to repair an existing wrap that has become damaged. Door wraps are one of the most difficult to perform, considering the complication of navigating around door handles and the door inside portions. The finished quality of a door wrap is a key indicator of the installers capability. Thanks to our 20 years of vehicle wrapping experience, you can trust Starr to handle performing this type of installation with exceptional results. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Our car window decals will vividly showcase your brand message loud and clear while remaining transparent enough to drive safely. Place truck back window decals on your pickup to showcase your company, interests, sense of humor, or hobbies. No matter what car or truck window sticker you need, we can print it. Get a free quote today.

This is a perfect solution for anyone who would like to replace the radiator grill color on a vehicle. Make your car or truck aggressive with an all-black grill, or change the color to match the rest of your vehicle’s exterior design. Whatever color you would like your vehicle grill to be we can make possible for you. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Typically door handles are wrapped while performing a full door wrapping job. This type of wrap is very incredibly difficult to install, but it is necessary to complete a full vehicle wrapping design. Especially considering that many manufactures match the color of their car door handles to that of the vehicle paint color. If you are changing the rest of your vehicle's look, the door handles will need to match the color of the rest of your wrapping. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Upgrade the current style of your car or truck with a color contrasting wing mirror wrap. Wing mirror wraps are a lower cost installation option that help elevate car and truck appearances making them are a very popular wrapping option. Choose from black and other dark colors, bright colors, or metallic colors on your choice of smooth, carbon fiber, or matte textures. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Rear diffusers are often found on Formula 1, or F1, race cars, but they have become more common on high-end vehicle brands such as Mercedes, Range Rovers, and Audis. They help create more downforce on the back of a vehicle moving at high speed. Applying a carbon fiber vinyl wrap on your rear diffuser is a great option to enhance the look and appeal to the back end of your vehicle. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Match the rest of your vehicle's color and style with our custom car spoiler wraps. Choose from gloss, carbon fiber, and matte materials with the perfect complimentary color to enhance your vehicle's look. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

We design, print, and install durable roof rack wraps to complete the vehicle appearance you wish to achieve. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

Front diffusers are another feature that has been more commonly found on race cars in the past. Thanks to the style they add to cars, front diffusers have become more popular in modern vehicles. Enhance this feature by adding a black or carbon fiber front diffuser wrap. Or choose any color you would like to create the vehicle design you wish to create. Get a free quote today by filling out a free quote form now!

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Why Get a Vehicle Wrap?

Personalize your vehicle or turn all of your company cars and trucks into mobile billboards with our professional vehicle wrapping services. Promote your brand to anyone who will see your company vehicles. Whether it is in a parking lot, passing by on a sidewalk, or out on the open road – anywhere you go is a marketing opportunity. Boost brand awareness, promote services, get more customers, and add professionalism to your vehicle fleet with our car and truck wrap services. Get a free quote today.


According to research, if just one of your vehicles travels 20,000 miles each year, it will pass about 10 million vehicles in the process. Accounting for pedestrians, that averages to around 70,000 people a day who will see your vehicle. That is a lot of missed marketing opportunities if your company vehicle goes out on the road without brand labeling. Get noticed and increase profit with our vehicle graphics today. Fill out a free quote form now to learn more.


Increase the perception of professionalism in your customer's minds with our professional vehicle wrapping services. A company vehicle printed with designs that match your brand's marketing guidelines will strengthen consumer trust and increase perceived credibility in the services you offer. Fill out our free quote form now to learn more today.


Decals for vehicles act as a second skin protecting the valuable paintwork of your car or truck. Acting as a protective film – auto wraps prevent vehicle paint surface damage against scratches, nicks, and scuffs. Fill out our free quote form now to learn more today.

Ease of Removability

Though durable and long-lasting, vehicle wraps can be stripped off with ease to make way for new designs. Whether you are changing your logo, updating your services, looking to promote a new product, or preparing to sell your car or truck – wraps for vehicles make the transition a breeze.

Ideal for Any Company

No matter the services you offer, auto wraps can help improve your business. With a relatively low installation cost while providing impactful marketing potential – vehicle wrap graphics on cars and graphics for trucks are perfect for large and small businesses. Compare the ad spend of a long-lasting vehicle graphic to that of a costly, limited time billboard lease, and it is easy to see the value gained with this effective marketing option. Get a free quote today.

Personalize Your Vehicle

Our custom vehicle wraps let you turn the look of your car or truck into anything you can imagine. Showcase your die hard fandom for your favorite sports team, movies, celebrities, video games, music, hobbies, interests, political views, and anything else you could ever want on your car or truck surfaces. Get a free quote today to learn more about what we can design and print for you.

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