Exterior Business Sign Maker Services In Pittsburgh, Butler and Western Pennsylvania

Starr Graphics and Signs has provided professional custom outdoor business signs for Pittsburgh PA establishments since {calculated_data}.

Whether you need eye-catching opening signs, promotional outdoor signage, informational exterior store signs, or building signs with your brand name – our custom outdoor signs are the perfect solution.

We offer a wide range of material options to choose from in any size or custom shape needed. Let us help you bring your brand identity to life for anyone who sees your establishment's exterior with our custom outdoor business signs today.

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About Our Exterior Business Signs

  • Wide Range of Materials to Choose From
  • Precision CNC Routing/Cutting
  • Custom Design Service Available
  • Long Lasting & Durable Materials
  • Premium Quality Printing Inks
  • Installation Services Available*

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Canvas Standard Sizes

  • 8” x 10”
  • 12” x 12”
  • Custom

Canvas Material

  • Surface type & weight
  • Another surface type


  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

File Submission

  • Acceptable files include:.pdf, .eps, .tif, .jpg

Custom Outdoor Signs We Produce

We offer a wide range of exterior business signs to choose from. Whether you need business signage for hospitality industry buildings, offices, industrial buildings, gifts, or personal use – we can get them produced for you. Check out some of the professional exterior signs services we offer below. Don't see the outdoor sign type you require? Fill out a free quote form today and let us know what you need and we will do what we can to make it happen.


Starr Graphics & Signs specializes in producing custom ACP/ACM signs for businesses and organizations of all types in and around the Pittsburgh PA area. ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) or ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) is a versatile material with high durability found in many types of signage fabrications. ACM consists of 2 aluminum sheets, one on each side of a polyethylene core which lends to its exceptional durability.

We offer ACP/ACM signs with a vast array of features to choose from including finishes (such as brushed metal, gloss, or matte), custom cut shapes, colors, and thicknesses. This material is capable of being bent, shaped, scored, and cut however you envision for near-endless possibilities. Using our in-house CNC laser, CNC knife, and CNC router we can engrave, cut, and shape these custom aluminum signs for you however you need them. 

With our print shop capabilities, we can take your ACP/ACM signs to a whole other 
level of customization with custom graphics added to these already eye-catching signs. Add textures, colors, brand images, logos, information, and any other imagery you can imagine for the greatest visual impact.

Contacting us for a quote to learn more. We will work with you closely from beginning to end producing the ACP/ACM sign you require. Our team will assist with any design needs you have whether it is cleaning up a design you already have or creating one from scratch. Once a design is determined our experienced team of signage professionals will manufacture and install your new ACP/ACM signs wherever you need. Fill out a free quote form to learn more and get started ordering your own custom ACP/ACM signage today.

Our exterior wall graphics are a fun and impactful approach to marketing and increasing your business visibility. We print exterior wall graphics in any shape or size and can place them on nearly any type of material you like. The exceptional adherence ability and long-lasting weatherproof durability of our vinyl wall graphics ensure they will retain their luster and quality for many years. Showcase your logo, brand messages, imagery, promotions, or any other graphics you would like with vivid color and visual appeal with our high-quality exterior wall graphics services. Fill out a free quote form today to get started ordering.

Our eye-catching tenant signs are made of high-quality material sure to get your business noticed by anyone passing by. These impactful signs are not only a great way to display information, but they are also excellent marketing tools as well. Display your offers, services, and other brand messaging in a high visibility way that will expand the scope of your visible marketing with our custom tenant signs. Fill out a free quote form today to learn more about our custom tenant sign services.

Ensure every visitor can find your business location with ease by displaying a large, visibly impactful, address sign on an exterior wall or anywhere outside your building. Typically comprised of illuminated channel lettering or cut stone, address signs allow you to showcase your business address where it will be easy to read day or night. Large easy to read address signs reduce directional phone calls and confusion by helping your customers and delivery drivers find your location with ease. Get a free quote today by filling out a quote form here to learn more.

Panel and post signs are made up of two poles that are connected with a panel between the two. These signs make great directional and wayfinding signs around and near your business's location. Use them to display logos, brand slogans, contact information, product info, location directories for visitors, and any other information needed. Fill out a free quote form today to learn more!

Our high-quality promotional outdoor signs are a lower than average cost solution for increasing awareness for events, organizations, and businesses. Promotional signs are exterior building signs cost include yard signs, exterior banner stands, flag signs, vehicle wraps, and any other signage used to promote a product, service, organization, or business. Schools, churches, political campaigns, real estate offices, and other businesses all use promotional signs for increasing desired informational awareness with great success. Contact us today by filling out a free quote form today to learn more.

Typically constructed with concrete or stone, monument signs are big and sturdy signs found at the entrance of business complexes. They are powerful and professional signage that gain a lot of attention and attract potential clients with ease. Monument signs are great for hospitals, business parks, universities, industrial plants, and other complexes with multiple buildings. Fill out a free quote form today to learn more about our monument sign services.

Tower your brand's image high in the air for all to see with our custom pole and pylon sign services. These high visibility signs, available with or without backlighting, offer significant visual impact from a distance helping to ensure your business doesn't get overlooked by potential clientele. These signs are perfect for restaurants, shopping centers, roadside stores, parks, gas stations, or any other business seeking to increase their foot traffic. Fill out a free quote form today to learn more!

Create a traditional rustic appeal for your clientele with the natural look created using wood signs and stone signs. These signs offer a simple yet timeless aesthetic for whatever your message may be. They make great building exterior and sidewalk signs for museums, historical sites, restaurants, bars, or any other location with an ambiance that would be enhanced with this type of signage. Get a free quote on the exterior signage you need by filling out a pricing form today!

Protect your clients and customers from the elements for a more welcoming appeal while boosting your brand awareness with our custom canopy and awning sign printing services. These durable signs are printed on canvas that is stretched over outdoor areas of buildings to protect patrons standing outside from excess sunlight, rain, wind, and snow. We offer awning and canopy signs printed on any color fabric you choose in whatever size, style, and font type desired. Get a free quote today by filling out our free quote form for more information.

LED lighting and neon signs are excellent for garnering your potential clientele's attention during the night or any dimly lit time of day. These visually-exciting signs tastefully shine your brand and messaging to the world in such a way you can be sure they will get noticed by every passerby. Whether you need LED lighting or neon hotel signage, restaurant signs, retail store signs, or any other type of electronic messaging, we can help you make it happen. Fill out a form to get a free quote today to get started.

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Importance of Quality Outdoor Signs

Outdoor business signage is one of the first impressions prospective customers have of your establishment.

Quality storefront signs that draw attention and captivate are essential for demonstrating your business's professionalism and credibility to clients before ever interacting with them.

Businesses with old outdoor signage that has discolored with age, burnt out lights, or any other visible damage can deter potential customers from taking a chance working with your company.

Get noticed, build trust, and entice more customers into your business's front door with our premium custom outdoor sign products. Fill out a free quote form today to get started!

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